2023 Unplugged: A Rollicking Rewind of the Year’s Digital Dance

Dennis Francis
3 min readDec 13, 2023


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A philosopher named Heraclitus once made the witty comment, "Change is the only constant."

It is clear that Heraclitus was never required to revise his social media plan every two weeks. In hindsight, as we approach the year 2023, we can see that it was less about making steady progress and more about a digital content conga line led by a TikTok influencer and an AI chatbot.

In 2023, the digital saga took a surprising turn that no one had anticipated. This was the year when we reshaped the virtual world by mixing strange ingredients into a powerful cocktail.

Short-Form Video: The Digital Espresso Shot

“A minute long? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” — the Internet, probably.

  • The Rise of TikTok-ology
    This year, TikTok wasn’t just a trend; it became a marketing religion. Brands have mastered the art of condensing their message into bite-sized, addictive content. Imagine Shakespeare writing a sonnet, but instead of iambic pentameter, it’s a dance challenge.
  • Instagram Reels
    Where creativity meets brevity. Brands discovered the art of telling a story, selling a product, and making us laugh, all within a 15- to 30-second window. It’s like speed dating, but with your customer base.

The Creator Economy: Unleashing Digital Mavericks

“Influencers: Because who needs celebrities anymore?”

  • From Bedrooms to Billboards
    We saw the rise of bedroom creators turning into brand powerhouses. These digital mavericks went from filming cat videos to crafting brand narratives, proving you don’t need a Hollywood budget to make a splash.
  • Collabs and Hashtags
    The new business handshake. Brands and creators came together, forming alliances that were less Avengers and more like a well-orchestrated TikTok dance-off. Hashtags became the new SEO, driving brand visibility in a crowded digital marketplace.

AI: The Ghostwriter of the Future

“Robots writing content? What could possibly go wrong?”

  • Chatbots and Copywriters: AI stepped up its game, evolving from basic chat responses to crafting blog posts. It’s like having Hemingway in your pocket, if Hemingway was a code algorithm and liked to talk about SEO optimization.
  • AI-Generated Madness
    When algorithms think they’re the next Virgil. We witnessed AI trying its ‘hand’ at creative writing, with results ranging from surprisingly poignant to hilariously off-mark.

Long-Form Content: The Renaissance

“Remember when we used to read more than a tweet’s length?”

  • SEO’s Best Friend
    Long-form content has made a comeback. Like vinyl records and retro fashion, long blogs, ebooks, and webinars became cool again, proving that sometimes more is more.
  • The Podcast Boom
    It turns out, people still enjoy a good story. The podcast world exploded, offering everything from true crime to tech trends, solidifying itself as a staple in content consumption.

The Upshot to All This

As we bid adieu to 2023, let’s not just double-tap and scroll past. This year deserves a bookmark, a share, maybe even a saved post. If you’ve enjoyed this jaunt through the digital content funhouse of 2023, hit subscribe, drop a comment, or slide into those DMs.

Let’s keep the conversation alive and kicking as a viral meme. After all, 2024 is just around the corner, and who knows what blend of humor, horror and insight it’ll demand from our digital content strategies?

“To the future, may it be as unpredictably entertaining as the last 365 days.”



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