Branding Your Authority Site for Faster Results — Part 10 in the Authority Site Series

Dennis Francis
5 min readAug 23, 2022
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If you’ve been following this series, you might wonder why I’m discussing branding now instead of at the beginning of the series. The fact is, most of the information at the beginning of the series offers strategies for getting off the ground.

I covered it briefly in the market research segment, but most people will focus on what niche to get into and which keywords to use at that stage. I can say with certainty that many haven’t even built their site yet.

Establishing Your Position in the Market

You’ve built your site and done your market research. Is it too late to focus on branding? Nope. Often, business owners discover a lot about their business once they have some experience in the marketplace. Branding is about identity and that often develops with experience.

Whether you’re up and running or just getting started, that’s okay. This is going to be a process, not a fixed point in time. Branding grows with the times, consumer sentiment and social changes.

Let’s talk about branding.

We’ll be looking at a narrow area of the practice; website brand creation and management. When planning your authority site, you may get excited about traffic, affiliate sales or even the number of followers you’ll eventually be getting.

The fact is, lasting success starts with effective branding, preparation, and research.

The goal of authority branding is very simple. You’re telling a story with your images, color choices and design that convey experience, expertise and connection with your prospects.

We want to put together a clear profile that makes sense for your target audience, your industry, and your needs. This is visual public relations in a nutshell. We’re aiming for results without the massive price tag associated with online brand development.

Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on branding. We want to build the appearance that makes you look trustworthy and established.

Your site will be their first stop when they need something in your niche. You’re going to do an admirable job for less…

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