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Cracking the Code: Email Marketing Metrics Unveiled

Dennis Francis
8 min readDec 8, 2023

So, about 25 years ago, I stumbled upon the gold mine of email marketing, like discovering fire. I was all in, until I wasn’t. Career paths shifted, and my prized email list became a relic of the past, a digital ‘Titanic’ that hit an iceberg called neglect.

Why the sob story? Because I was the captain who abandoned the ship. I knew the worth of an email list—it was my golden goose, and yet I let it go. Imagine sitting on a pile of stocks and watching them turn to dust. That was me.

In a digital version of throwing money down the drain, I disregarded an asset that could churn out $38 for every dollar spent. I’m sharing this not to relive my facepalm moment but to ensure you don’t follow in these misguided footsteps.

The Digital Swiss Army Knife: Email Marketing

Fast forward to the present, and email marketing has morphed into a digital Swiss Army knife. It’s like sending a personalized letter, but at the speed of a tweet. Sure, crafting a nifty email is great, but it’s just the appetizer in the email marketing feast.

Measure, Rinse, Repeat: The Email Marketing Mantra

Who is the real MVP in email marketing? Metrics. These aren’t just dry stats; they’re the breadcrumbs…



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