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Create Your Ideal Customer Profile — Before Your Competition Does

Dennis Francis
9 min readDec 30, 2022

Everyone should create a buyer persona. That’s right, everyone. If you’re looking for a mate, create an ideal persona. Are you looking for a coach or a business partner? List the qualities that would be ideal for that relationship.

Creating an ideal profile of the person you want to engage with helps to sharpen your focus and reduce distractions.

As a content marketing specialist, I’ve been teaching the strategy of focusing on your Ideal Customer Profile for decades. However, many small business owners and freelancers still think it’s not worth the time. It certainly is!

What Is an Ideal Customer Profile — Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional character who represents a company's ideal customer. It's based on research and insights about the customer's personality, behavior, motivations, and goals.

Buyer personas are created by businesses to help them better understand their target audience. They can tailor their marketing efforts to their ideal customers’ needs and preferences.

By creating buyer personas, a business can get a better idea of who they are trying to reach. In the long run, this saves a lot of money because business owners can streamline communication…



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