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How to Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Success through Facebook Groups

Dennis Francis
8 min readMay 30


Before I get started, let me make a confession. This old guy is not a big fan of Facebook. Back in 2004, a client needed to create a bit of buzz around his children’s book.

People were hot for this new site, so we signed on and gave it a go. Facebook seemed like a new and inviting place to build a following.

We added the fledgling social media outlet to the promotion strategy. Fast forward to now. I’ve since deleted my personal account with thousands of followers.

Yes, I did get a new account again. (sigh!)

I run case studies, test ads, and conduct market research with the social media giant. It happens to be (grudgingly) one of the most powerful marketing tools in history.

Facebook is where you can gain a lot of marketing insights into a variety of niches and services. It’s an ideal environment for affiliate marketing.

If you’re ready to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level, follow this proven strategy for building an audience that trusts you.

Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook groups have proven to be highly effective for marketing gurus, and super affiliates, so building and leveraging them is a great way to go.

I’ve only got last year’s numbers to play with, but as of August 2022, over 10 million groups were on Facebook, and over 1.8 billion people were using them each month.

According to a report by Oberlo, the majority of Facebook users were from India (329.6 million), followed by the US (179.6 million users).

This is why it’s such a magnet for advertisers (and scammers).

Establishing Trust: Your Core Story and Brand Credibility

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of building Facebook groups, let’s talk about trust. In the world of affiliate marketing, trust is the currency that paves the way to success.

It takes a bit of time and some effort to build and maintain, but if you want the reward, you need to commit to the work.



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