I’ve Managed Tinnitus for 20 Years and You Can Too

Dennis Francis
6 min readJul 5, 2022
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In the spring of 2001, while working on a design project, I heard a small buzzing in my right ear. It was more noticeable when I was working in my office than anywhere else in the house. The constant high-pitched buzz was a little annoying. It was no big deal.

A few years later, it was no longer an annoyance. This was now a major distraction. Why was I getting this constant alarm bell in my right ear? It was causing anxiety and panic attacks.

Millions have been plagued by this problem. From Beethoven to Barbara Streisand, many celebrities suffer from it. There is a constant ringing or buzzing noise that comes on suddenly. The condition is called tinnitus.

It’s more common to describe tinnitus as a symptom than to diagnose it. Injuries to the ears, head injuries, and circulatory problems lead to it. Loud noises can cause tinnitus if you are exposed to them for long periods of time or if they come on suddenly.

In the beginning, “T” (as many sufferers call it) is difficult to deal with. During its onset, it can be extremely jarring. The issue has been further complicated by COVID 19. COVID may cause ringing, hearing loss, and vertigo in some people.

The condition can even be contracted by individuals who have been vaccinated. This sound may resemble buzzing, squealing, or ringing. It has affected roughly 45 million Americans.

The Never Ending Sound

It’s the feeling of hopelessness that is most distressing for new sufferers. The sound becomes more intense with persistent tones, which lead to more stress.

Some people notice that the tone changes. Infections, allergies, hormonal changes, and pharmaceuticals can cause tinnitus. Because of the condition’s wide range of causes, medical professionals are stumped by it.

If you have the ringing or buzzing sound and find that the distraction is getting to you, there are a series of steps that you can take to lessen the impact on your life. It’s going to take some work to overcome the distraction.

Types of Tinnitus

One frustrating detail about T is the total subjective nature of the ailment. No one can detect my tones because it’s all in…

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