Make Money Creating Content Marketing Systems for Small Businesses — Part 2

Dennis Francis
6 min readJun 27, 2022
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We got a taste of how content flows and the value of being strategic in part one (catch up on part 1 here.). Now, you’re going to put your knowledge to the test.

You want to get small business clients to have you create and manage their content marketing. You’re going to need your own content marketing goal and develop the strategy to attain it.

Your content is going to drive your audience to a predetermined conclusion; they need your help.

All the components of your strategy must lead to one end. Your content plan should power your calendar. Your calendar should deliver on the promise of your content.

So far, we’ve covered the basics of what a content marketing calendar is and why they are great for businesses and content marketing pros.

We’ll discuss why they should let you do the work and why you’ll be the best one for the job. You’re going to build a few examples and sell small business owners on the idea of getting their own.

Building Your Own Content Calendar

Time to plan your content marketing strategy. Your first calendar will be tricky. Building content marketing templates will get easier. Your first one will take time and patience.

You can start with a mind map or a spreadsheet. Go back to session one and choose a method for working on your calendar. Sketch it out first.

We’re going to use the goal of generating income from planning and implementing content marketing calendars. That’s going to be the subject of our test content marketing efforts.

The first step is to outline our course of action. These are the steps were going to take:

· Define your goals.

· Create a template for the calendar.

· Choose your channels.

· Start with the calendar year.

· Add your own content.

· Keep evergreen content at hand.

· Make use of prior content.

· Decide on the publishing frequency and set time limits.

Let’s Build Your…

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