Reverse Engineer Success to Build a Profitable Authority Site — Part 3 in the Authority Site Series

Dennis Francis
5 min readJun 10, 2022

The most effective way to find a profitable niche for your next authority site is to research and copy what has worked well for others. Let’s get rolling on part three.

Welcome to the third installment in this series on building authority sites for digital real estate investors. I promise to keep these short and simple so that you can get on with your life.

Today, we’re going to start the thorough analysis by finding a niche that you can invest in. If you’re following along, you’ll have signed up for the three website selling platforms I outlined. Now, we’re going to make use of that step by evaluating a few nieces. Let’s get started with this lesson.

Let’s Look at Some Listings

You’ve probably looked at a few of the listings on one or more website marketplace platforms. I’m going to choose Flippa for this because it’s my favorite, and it’s easy to use.

Go over to the browse button and click “all websites”. There’s the keyword filter box on the left; you’ll enter your niche idea later. We’ll leave that alone for now.

Under revenue-generating, remove the checkbox next to “no”. The goal here is to focus on revenue-generating sites so that we can look at their monthly net profit along with their asking price.

Under asset type, click content. Scroll further down the left-hand side until you get to status. You’ll want to click “recently sold”. Be sure to remove any check on the box marked “open”. You should see a list of web samples that cover a variety of subjects.

Time to Scroll

Enter your keyword choice in the niche keyword box. Keep your niche idea extremely broad at this point. Don’t be surprised if your first niche idea doesn’t result in instant wins.

You can judge the popularity of your particular niche by the number of website listings. Of course, this is not an accurate indicator at this point. We’re only in the browsing stage to gauge the relevance of our niche concept.

Remember when looking at connecting with the four marketing categories; health passions, relationship and…

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