What is The Magic Word That Engages People’s Buying Reflex?

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I was at a holiday party with a small group of people the other day. A question was presented to me in conversation because I’m recognized for web marketing and content development. “What would be the magic word that would make people buy a product if I had to choose one?” I had to pause for a while, but the word that came to mind was “how.” If you may describe a magic phrase as one that attracts individuals to your offer, then managing your keyword selection is a must.

You can use keywords to do an online search for specific information. There’s a distinction between “how to paper-train your dog?” and “how much does it cost to paper-train your Doberman?” for example. The first is looking for knowledge on the subject, while the second wants to buy a product or service. The word “how” appears to beg for a response.

Magic words, according to author and entrepreneur Jim Edwards, are the words people choose to describe an issue, goal, challenge, or impediment. Jim’s basic theory is that people utilize these magical words when they are extremely agitated. Look at the questions they ask to uncover the greatest phrases that activate a person’s buying impulse. While I agree with Jim’s approach, I want to dig deeper into the subject to provide you with an insider’s perspective.

“How,” in my opinion, is the magic word because it shows how dedicated someone is to finding a solution. When a prospect asks how much it will cost or how to fix the problem, they are seeking a solution and are prepared to act. Think like your intended audience when researching keywords to target a specific niche. In a study of top search phrases that lead to sales conversion, the term “how” came in second place.

While Jim has worked in this field for a long time, I have a somewhat different view because, from my vantage point, the word “how” is what gets things started. You’ll most likely gain a convert if you can answer the query to the prospect’s satisfaction. So, in this little essay, I’d want to remind you of the importance of using this magic word in your marketing efforts.

I believe it is a good idea for content marketers to explore the questions that people in their industry are asking. As a result, you’ll have more options to reach the ideal audience while also improving your chances of getting the best possible result: a sale. Overall, I agree with Jim that we should concentrate on the concerns, aspirations, and expectations of the audience. But, once again, I’d go the extra mile and argue that it all begins with the all-important word “how.”



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Dennis Francis

Dennis Francis


Retired content marketing consultant. Author, artist, husband, father and owner of ContentMarketingMagic.co. Still helping small business owners daily.